Cash Rebate

Film Estonia cash-rebate incentive supports production of feature films, feature documentaries, animation films, animation series, high-end TV dramas and post-production of all these works.

Film Estonia production rebate incentive will refund up to 30% of local production costs depending on the degree of involvement of local professionals. If combined with funding from one of the other regional (Tartu, Viru, Estonian Islands) funds, cash rebate can be as high as 50%. The refund process itself is quick, transparent and money is transferred back within 40 days from the final report.

Support can be applied for by an entity registered in Estonia whose main area of activity is producing audio-visual works. The recipient of support is a foreign company who is cooperating with the applicant and whose principal area of activity is also production of audio-visual works.

The level of support is determined by amount of the Estonian production costs that are both eligible and directly spent on parties that are subject to Estonian taxation, multiplied by 20%, 25% or 30%.

Available to qualifying projects with production costs incurred in Estonia.

The scheme is open for:

  • Feature films with a budget of at least € 1 million;
  • Feature and short animation with a budget of at least € 250 000;
  • Animation series with overall budget of at least € 500 000;
  • TV-drama with a budget of at least € 200 000 per single episode;
  • Feature documentary with a budget at least € 200 000;
  • Post-production of all the above mentioned works.